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Gaxos.AI specializes in combining generative AI technology with mobile apps for games, health and fitness, and more. I was brought on because of my experience with Gameloft and knowledge of the mobile app sector. My mission was to increase downloads and encourage people to experiment with their generative AI features, which were the primary monetization strategy.


Triaging the situation, I began revamping of all of their app store pages, as these were viewed the most on a daily basis, but had a low conversion rate. I believed that more compelling copy with a clearer explanation of generative AI's unique value proposition could dramatically increase downloads. Within the first week of using the updaed app store descriptions (and keyword integration), downloads increased by 25% on the Apple App Store, and 35% on Google Play. We also saw our apps go from complete obscurity when searching for relevant keywords, to appearing in the top 20 results.

Jigsaw AI.jpg

I also served as a thought leader in the AI space by writing weekly blog posts on Gaxos social media channels. Our goal was to not only interest readers in the possibilities generative AI added to our apps, but to encourage them to give it a try, and get over any reservations they might have about using it. This was the first such post I wrote, providing tips to make sure that the user's first foray into AI is a positive one.

I also helped to rebuild all of the company's product landing pages, as well as their corporate homepage. I improved the landing pages in a similar fashion as the app store pages, by going explaining in a clear and exciting message how AI makes our apps unique and better than anything else available on the app store. The corporate homepage targeted investors and partners, so it was more about the bigger message and concept of the company, as well as the highly capable individuals behind the scenes.

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