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This is the Gameloft Jobs page I wrote, serving as the hub of our recruitment efforts. Each section is designed to attract a different kind of candidate, from experienced tech experts to gaming geeks (like me) who are curious about breaking into the industry.

To supplement the page, I helped produce this video showcasing studios around the world, populated with diverse and talented people in multiple fields. Before recording, I sent each of the interviewees prompts to answer so I could help polish their wording and drive home the intended message. When visiting these offices I noted several key shots I wanted the video teams to capture that showed off things like game rooms, bike parking, or just aesthetically pleasing office features. Gameloft really is a fun and exciting place to work, so it's not hard for that to come across.

The Gameloft Blog was a great place for industry thought pieces and white papers, but I was particularly proud to write the “We Belong Here” landing page promoting diversity and inclusion in the games industry. Because Emperatriz Ung and Claire Stenger are both colleagues of mine from the Gameloft NYC office (and regular visitors to my Animal Crossing village), I got to interview them personally for this page.

I also helped the company feel like a comfortable and enjoyable place to work by writing instructional materials for new and current employees. One example is this video introducing the Workday task management system. I scripted this video to help give an overview of how it functions and why we decided to move to it in the first place. The biggest trick was combining Gameloft’s branding into the Workday graphical style.

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